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Oil Massage

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    Oil Massage


Thai Oil Massage contains elements of Traditional Thai Massage as well as elements of Indian Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing systems in the world. Our oil massages are highly relaxing and harmonizing. They are an optimal means to attaining good physical condition and mental ease.

£30-45Details below


Oil Massage is available at £30 Per 30 Minutes or £45 Per Hour. Please choose your preference when booking.

A Traditional Thai ayurvedic oil massage using quality natural oil to massage the entire body. We have a selection of oils, many with therapeutic and physiotherapeutic effects. We currently offer 11 types of massage oil.

Our Thai ayurvedic oil massage relieves back and muscle pain, joint problems, improves blood circulation, agitates the lymphatic system and strengthens immunity. It is excellent prevention against illness. It harmonizes, heals, strengthens the body and offers perfect relaxation.