Treat yourself, Chill!


Sometimes the world of work, kids and life in general can get a bit too much. Chill know this and have created a tranquil and relaxing environment to calm your senses. The moment you walk through the doors you will be at complete ease and feel a true sense of relaxation.

Chill Massage Shop Front

Chill Massage Environment

Chill is owned and managed by a team with over 30 years experience, so when coming to us you can be sure that your health and well-being are in safe hands! Our expert practitioners will look after you from start to finish, helping you to feel calm and relaxed. We offer a wide range of treatments, all in a modern, clean and welcoming environment.

For those who don’t feel comfortable having a full massage which involves showing some flesh, why not just pop in for a coffee whilst enjoying a calming chair massage. There’s no need to show any skin, just have a comfortable shirt on.

Chill Massage Welcome

Our friendly and welcoming staff are here to help and promise you with the full feeling of relaxation. Feel free to ask any questions or inquiries.

A massage makes the perfect gift and is great for all occasions.